National Geographic Traveller UK double page spread

I turned 38 today! Feeling better than ever.

I’ll share something I’m proud of that happened recently: This double page spread in the Jan/Feb issue of NatGeo Traveller UK.

It had been a dream of mine to see the Namib Desert from every angle possible, ever since I saw it in a couple movies in my twenties, so I decided to spend a month in Namibia early in 2016. I was 30, and for the first time, had saved up to have a small cushion, and I thought to myself that maybe I’ll stay home and not blow my savings on a trip. I ended up leaving for the whole winter and couldn’t believe I was considering otherwise.

While there, I decided to go up for a scenic flight out of Swakopmund over this amazing landscape. I had already forked over the payment to a commercial company who does it for tourists, when I met a local pilot who said he would take me up in his personal Cessna with the door removed for just the cost of fuel. It would probably run me a few hundred $$ in addition to the other flight, which stressed me at first, but it truly led to some of the most amazing sights I’ve ever witnessed with my own eyes.

Thank you NatGeo Traveller UK for selecting my image. I’ve been very grateful to develop relationships with photo editors at some of my favorite magazines who have shown my work some love over the last couple years.