Burning Man 2016

Julian Walter Photography website

Always beautiful faces, always incredible new experiences. This year was yet again nothing short of amazing. My good friend Brian called it “The Year of the Skies” as we had many clouds which lit up so colorful for sunrises and sunsets. As cliché as it is to say, the spirit of Burning Man can not be captured in images and words. Some new visitors I brought had seen many photos before and knew what to expect visually, but the nurturing soul of the population is far more tangible in person than can be imagined when viewing photos. All that being said, here is once more my attempt to bring this other home into the real world.

My good friends Dash and Katie. These two lovebirds got engaged that week.
The amazing Medusa Madness
Sunrise after a very dusty burn night
Me and my good friend Marife (Thanks for the shot Molly Anastasiou)